The Musical Journey of Soulfulsounder

It all started when...

Grumbling at my parents who made me take piano lessons when I was a kid. Getting lucky on a slot machine on my 18th birthday and spending all of the winnings on a keyboard. Opening for Ludacris with my band Hydrophonics in front of 5000+ people.  Licensing my group Modern Condition’s music for radio & TV. Music has been a key part of my life and blessed me with amazing people and experiences.

A lifetime of music and stage experience provides the backdrop for my transformation into Soulfulsounder. I’ve been writing, producing, recording and performing music since the days of cassette tapes. The skills learned and developed along the way give me unparalleled comfort and confidence as a DJ/MC at your event.

Hands down amazing! Loved every minute of our dance. Josh went above and beyond what we needed!
— Heather Cielinski